David King

David King

My name is David King. I am a seasoned veteran in the sports betting world. Based out of New Jersey the industry has rooted my passion since the 1980s. I have been laying down locks for over 25 years to the small bettors and the high rollers. With a variety of systemic methods and personal strategies I have formulated a career that I love. People ask, “Why help people win if you are hitting +67% year around? Go to Vegas and cash in $100,000s!” My response to them is I do cash in $100,000s. As a trust fund kid from the 1950s, I had the opportunity to make a choice regarding my lifestyle and career. Money is not the issue for me, it is my drive to help people be as fortunate as I am, and through my developed passion I want to spend my later years sitting on a sandy beach, sending out plays and watching money continue to roll in for myself and my clients.

As I make my transition to a new era handicapper, I could not be more thrilled. The opportunities I have and will create for my crew is exponential. I set goals for my team, to project long-term success and see through short-term success or failure. I am here to take you and everyone else to the top of the books. We will play large when we can and we will sustain wins daily, always resulting in bankroll gains.

“Some say money doesn’t buy happiness, Money creates wins…have you ever seen a winner unhappy?” - Me

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