Chase Wenn

Chase Wenn

It all started in 1999. I had just graduated from college, double majoring in Statistics and Data Analytics. Right away I took an Analyst job for an up and coming pharmaceutical company. Shortly after, I was meeting a group of friends at a sports bar one night. We watched the games and placed bets amongst each other like we had done every week for months. On this night it became evident that I had a knack for calling games. I had been analyzing sports since early college, primarily for fun and many times for college assignments. That night I had made my first dollar doing something I love. That night a friend of mine paid me to give him sports related advice. I told him who was going to win, and by how much they would win. He went on to win the bet and gave me a cut.

In the next six months I had built up a small clientele of sports bettors. I was putting in 50 hours a week at my day job and another few hours into sports handicapping each night. I worked both jobs for years waiting for an opportunity to put both my knowledge and experience solely into providing my clients with the most accurate data available. Shark Cappers recently requested that I become part of their team. Without hesitation, they gathered knowledge of my skills and background in statistics and data analytics. I am now proud to call myself a Shark and am excited to work with clients in making them money in my field of passion.

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